A Dash of Queueing Theory

Posted on by Tero Parviainen (@teropa)

I participated in the Static Showdown hackathon last weekend, and came up with an article about queueing theory, with some interactive simulation visualizations.

I read Donald Reinertsen's Principles of Product Development Flow last year, and loved it. I've been looking for an excuse ever since to get deeper into the technical aspects of the book, and this hackathon presented a chance to do it. Learned a lot, and now I just hope I get another similar excuse soon to continue the exploration! It was really nice to get acknowledgment too that what I did was relevant:

The visualization stuff is all written with Om on ClojureScript. It was refreshing to do some cljs again, since I haven't really been doing any in the past few months. It's a really, really nice approach to frontend app development, and it's kind of insane how well the Clojure immutable/epochal state model fits into frontend web dev with React. With yesterday's announcements about React Native, we're going to see some exciting times for ClojureScript developers.

The hackathon itself went completely smoothly, and there was nothing that got into the way of the actual hacking. As an organizer of a similar contest myself, I know the work that goes into it, and want to thank the Static Showdown organizers for putting together a great event!

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