Speaking At Java Day Riga 2013 Next Week

Posted on by Tero Parviainen (@teropa)

The Java Day Riga conference is taking place in Riga, Latvia next Thursday. It's a single-day conference organized by the Latvian JUG, and packed with talks about what's going on with Java and the JVM at the moment.

I'm going to give a talk myself, about programming with immutable data in Java. This is a topic I like to discuss, and I've done so before a couple of times in the context of dynamic languages. This is the first time I'll talk about this in relation to Java, which I'm quite excited about. The 50 minute time slot also gives me a chance to go a bit deeper than I've done before, and allows me to spend some more time on both the reasons for and the implementation of immutable object models and designs.

There are a few other talks I'm especially looking forward to:

This really looks to be a great event, and I know I'm going to learn a lot. There are still tickets available, so do consider visiting! Riga is pretty easy to access from all around Europe. From Helsinki, where I live, it's just a one-hour flight with several connections a day.

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